Helsinn Cares 

Helsinn Cares is committed to providing healthcare professionals, patients, and caregivers with the resources and information needed for access and reimbursement support.

At Helsinn, one of our goals is to reduce the uncertainty of how patients will afford and access their medication.

With this goal in mind, Helsinn Cares helps support patient access in 2 ways:

  • By providing tools and resources for physicians, nurses, and office staff for reimbursement and access support for patients
  • By providing services and support for patients and caregivers that help with access, reimbursement, and patient assistance

Enroll a Patient in Helsinn Cares. Download the Enrollment Form. Or call 1-84HELSINN-U (1-844-357-4668, select prompt 2).

Reimbursement Support Resources are designed to assist physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and office staff in determining reimbursement and coverage.     

Patient and Caregiver Access Resources provide reimbursement support to help patients gain access to their Helsinn medication.

Helsinn Cares is dedicated to assisting physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and office staff
with information and resources to support patient access to Helsinn medications.

Helsinn is committed to helping every patient obtain the Helsinn medication
he or she needs. For answers to specific questions on Helsinn Cares,
please call 1-84HELSINN-U (1-844-357-4668, select prompt 2) or fax: 1-844-357-4669.
For medical information, please call: 1-855-541-3495.

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